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Accessories, Vehicules and PlaySets
from 1978 to 1983

Accessoires, Vehicules and Playsets from 1983 to 1985
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This article presents you some of the most common and rarest ships, playsets, beasts and accessories that could be found during the vintage StarWars-Kenner area, between 1978-85. Of course, only a selection of these toys is featured here after, but the main goal of this document is just to provide information for non-collecting StarWars fans, die-hard collectors, as curious people interested by the toy phenomenon. The information contained is this article are as accurate as possible but could contain some mistakes...
The 1978 accessoiries line
X-Wing Fighter 1978. This toy, maybe the most famous, was available in two different versions : A "regular" version in SW and ESB packaging and an electronic version with battle damages in ESB and ROTJ packaging.

Palitoy's Death Star, the rarest and most convoited playset ever released, distributed exclusively in Europe during a short-time period. The station was designed like a half-sphere divided into a few rooms (including the trash compactor room) to recreate the main scenes from StarWars. Available in SW French Meccano and SW UK Palitoy packagings only.
The 1979 accessoiries line

Cantina Playset, released in 1979, was inspired after the Mos Eisley Cantina, where all the smugglers met before take off. It is also where the famous scene between Greedo and Han Solo takes place. In the United States, Sears departement stores released a special version including the Blue Snaggletooth action figure. Available in SW pack..
The Imperial Troop Transport could carry six figures on its sides and two more inside the cockpit. On the rear, was a trap designed for captured droids. There was an electronic version of this vehicule which had six digitized sounds taken from the movie. These sounds were recorded and could be repeated as many times as you wanted to. Available in SW and ESB.

One of the best vehicule ever made by Kenner, the Jawa SandCrawler. It was a pretty big vehicule and it could carry a few action figures. This toy was also released as a radio controlled version. SW Packaging.
The Sonic LandSpeeder was a radio controlled version of the famous LandSpeeder, one of the first StarWars vehicules to be procuded as a toy. This particular release was a bit bigger than its predecessor and was available only in SW packaging.

The 1980 accessoiries line

Kenner made also accurate toys from the most famous beasts in the Star Wars
Trilogy. The first release of the Tauntaun had just a trap like the Dewback to hold
the action figure's feet, but sooner, an open belly feature was added. The patrol Dewback
was available in SW only packaging (a very very rare ESB canadian version is known
to exist). The 1982 Wampa was also available in ROTJ packaging for Europe.

Darth Vader's Star Destroyer, one of the first toy issued from the ESB toy line, in 1980. It was a very cool ship which could be used to re-create a lots of scenes from the movies (i.e. Darth Vader's control room), it also had a lot of accessories. Available in SW and ESB packaging..

Boba Fett's Slave1, this ships belongs to one of the most apprecied characters from the StarWars universe, Boba Fett, the bounty hunter. It was wings which automatically rotate when moving the ship, a dual-mode cockpit, and a cargo-bay designed to transport Han Solo in Carbonite (included in the box), an excellent piece for any collector... (SW, ESB).

Cloud City Playset. A very researched piece for collectors, but only a few parts with almost no plastic pieces. A very deceiving and not interesting toy, maybe back in the 80's because it was sold with a few action figures. Available in ESB in 1981..

The Twin-Cloud Car as seen in ESB Cloud City. This was a pretty cool and detailed space ship that could hold two action figures. The packaging itself is pretty well designed and the toy has two retractable landing gears. Unfortunatly, this ship was only available in ESB packaging... who know why ?

One of the first and biggest "big vehicule" along with the Millenium Falcon and Tidirium shuttle. The AT-AT could hold several figures in its back, two figures in the canopy and had a very unique electronic feature that made light thru the transparent plastic canons. The head could be moved with a lever from the inside. Available in ESB and ROTJ packaging.

INT-4 Mini Rig 1982

ISP-6 Mini Rig 1983

This small ship wasn't seen in the movie, but it was a cool mini rig which could fit one figure, and was designed to fit itself into the AT-AT. Released in ESB and ROTJ packaging.

The ISP-6 was also one of the coolests Mini Rigs, avaible from 1983, it was looking like a small Tidirium shuttle and was designed for one action figure. It featured manually operated wings and landing gear, and wing-tip cannons. Only available in ROTJ packaging. - Site Design © 1997-2000 - email contact
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