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Accessories, Vehicules and PlaySets
from 1983 to 1985

Accessoires, Vehicules and Playsets from 1978 to 1983
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The 1983 accessories line

Scout Walker (AT-ST)
Kenner's reproduction was a pretty faithful of the vehicle seen in the movies, except that it only fit one figure. It had a hinged ingress/egress hatch, positionable legs, front and side-mounted twin blaster cannons. It was released in both ESB and ROTJ packaging.

Rebel Transport (ESB & ROTJ)

Kenner's Rebel Transport appears to have been modelled after the "quantum storm" transport featured in ESB. Necessarily out of scale to the 4" figures, this vehicle featured removable front and back hull panels, a 40-figure carrying capacity, a secret escape hatch, and a ion cannon. It also came with five Hoth backpacks and four "asteroid gas masks".

Will anyone who saw ROTJ ever forget the Speeder Bike chase through the forest of Endor ? I guess not !. Kenner's SBike featured positionable thrust flaps and altitude controls, and away parts for some cool tree trunk collision.

The Y-Wing was the most common and relied upon starfighter of the Rebellion Forces. Kenner's reproduction featured an opening cockpit with a seat for one pilot, an electronic laser cannon sound, removable engine pods and moveable bomb units and landing gear.

The Ewok Village was one the neatest playset ever released. It could be used to recreate scenes from the movie with a high level of details. It featured an elevator, a trap and a chair for threepio. Notice that the molds from this playset were used in 1992 for Kevin Costner's Robin hood toy line, what make the collectible price drop a little. ROTJ packaging only.

The 1984 accessories line

Sy Rebo Band - Ewok Glider - Ewok Catapult - Rancor Monster

Endor Forest Ranger '84

The Endor Forest Ranger has forward-mounted twin blasters, and aft-mounted blaster cannons that gyro around the rig (neat !). The cockpit hatch opens upwards from the front end, and a kickstand flips down on the aft gyro portion of the vehicle. ROTJ packaging only.

B-Wing Fighter ( ROTJ)

This vehicle sat one figure and featured an opening cockpit canopy and manually operated secondary wings and the gyroscoping cockpit. It bristled with all the cannons featured on the movie model.

TIE Interceptor ( ROTJ)

Did you know that Darth Vader's TIE Fighter from Kenner was in fact a Tie Interceptor prototype ?? Like all Tie Fighters, this one featured a flashing laser light and cannon sound, an opening cockpit and seated one figure.

Imperial Shuttle Tydirium ( ROTJ)

In my opinion, was of the greatest and biggest ship of the Kenner series, the Imperial Shuttle featured manually operated hinged door and starboard wings, an opening cockpit that seated two fgures, and electronic laser battle sound.

The sail barge was the luxury cruise ship of the expansive Tatooine deserts. Kenner's skiff was loaded with play features, including : breakaway rails, working rudder vanes, a lever-operated ejection floor plank, maneuverable landing legs, and an accessory storage rack. Today, it's one of the toughest vehicle to find, and also one of the most expensive ($600 boxed).

Tatooine Skiff ( POTF packaging)

The 1985 accessories line

The Ewok Battle Wagon, available in 1985 in United States only. Although it was not seen in the movies, it was a pretty cool piece well designed with a lot of accessories.

One of the latest ships to reach the final stage in 1985 in the Droids series, taken from the TV cartoon. It was an electronic ship, and was coming with a planetary map inside, displayed the StarWars planetary system on the top, and a photo with all Kenner figures available since 1978 on the back. - Site Design © 1997-2000 - email contact
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