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ROTJ non-U.S. Monologo cards

This page is dedicated to vintage action figure cards from the ROTJ era that have been released on monologo cards prior to the Trilogo european line. Thanks to some collectors, we have been able to track some interesting specimen, unfortunatly, some of them are not mint with the plastic bulb. If you own some cards featured here in a complete state, or some other cards, do not hesitate to send scans to 
Contributors will remain anonymous for whose who desire. You can click on each card to enlarge it in a new window with some comments.

At the bottom of each picture, you will find the exact name as it is spelled on the card. All the pictures are sorted in two categories and ordered from the Tomart Price Guide.

France - ROTJ Meccano cards

Dark Vador

Soldat Rebelle



Conducteur du AT-AT

Commandant Rebelle

Commandant Impérial

Bib Fortuna


Chef Chirpa

Lando Calrissian Skiff

Princesse Leia
Costume Boushh

Guérisseur Ewok

Squid Head


Garde Gammorean

General Madine

Commando Rebelle

Biker Scout

Rest of the world - ROTJ cards

Chewbacca (PBP)

Hammerhead (Palitoy)

Snaggletooth (PBP)

Luke X-Wing (Clipper)

Hechicero Ewok (PBP)

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