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ROTJ non-U.S. Monologo cards
Palitoy Hammerhead (UK)

This is the Hammerhead ROTJ card from Palitoy in UK. The card is exactly the same as its US counterpart except the lack of Kenner logo at the bottom. Note the promotional sticker applied by Clipper which tells that this card was sold in belgium. Despite the French speaking, Meccano was not licensee for Belgium and Clipper imported both Kenner US and Palitoy cards, of course before the Trilogo wave. Click here to return to the ROTJ monologo cards index.
Voici la carte Hammerhead de la marque Palitoy (UK). La carte est celle des USA sans le logo Kenner en bas. L'autocollant promotionnel posé par Clipper indique que cette carte fut vendue en Belgique. Meccano n'était pas licencié pour la Belgique et Clipper importait des cartes Kenner US et Palitoy, avant la vague Trilogo. Cliquez ici pour retourner à l'index des cartes monologo.

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