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non-U.S. vintage card backs

This page present an index of all non-U.S. (foreign) vintage action figure card backs available at the Star Wars Guide. These cardbacks are published regularly at the U.S. cardbacks page
Star Wars vintage card backs

Regular 12 backs

20 backs with Boba Fett offer

early 21 backs with dewback &
Droid Factory prototypes

Regular 21 backs

21 backs with secret figure offer
Empire Strikes Back vintage card backs

32 backs with Snowspeeder, 
Falcon and Imperial base

32 backs with Hoth planet, 
Star destroyer and Vader case

41 backs

41 backs with AT-AT prototype

41 backs

45 backs with Display Arena offer

47 backs with 4-LOM offer

48 backs with Vehicules,
Monsters and Mini-Rigs
Return of the Jedi vintage card backs

Revenge of the Jedi 48 backs
(Empire card on front)

Revenge of the Jedi
PROOF card back

65 backs

77 backs

79 backs with Anakin offer

Regular Power of the Force
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