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Action Figures U.S. Card Backs
Page updated on July, 7th, 2001. Last update dates are available in the copyright page
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vintage blister Card Backs POTF2 & EP1 - blister Card Backs
ESB US - 32 Back 1st version
ESB US - 32 Back 2nd version
ESB US - 41 Back early with AT-AT proto
ESB US - 41 Back early release without numbers
ESB US - 41 Back all numbered
ESB US - 45 Back Arena offer
ESB US - 47 Back 4-Lom offer
ESB US - 48 Back Revenge of the Jedi
ESB US - 48 Back regular
POTF US - 92 Back
Revenge of the Jedi Proof card back - Nien Nunb offer
ROTJ US - 65 Back
ROTJ US - 77 Back
ROTJ US - 79 Back - Anakin Offer
SW US - 12 Back
SW US - 20 Back - Boba Fett Offer
SW US - 21 Back with dewback and factory prototypes
SW US - 21 Back
SW US - 21 Back with secret figure offer
POTF2 US - Admiral Thrawn with European sticker
POTF2 US - Classic Anakin
POTF2 US - Lando General
POTF2 US - Mara Jade
POTF2 US - Leia collection
POTF2 US - Leia slave 1997
POTF2 US - Classic Luke T-16
SOTE US - Leia Boushh


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