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BN Cookies Collector Cards 

People who have never been to France may not be familiar with the BN logo. BN is a French biscuits brand which makes chocolate, strawberry... flavoured sandwich biscuits... and Frenchies do love their taste !

In the occasion of the showing of StarWars Trilogy Special Edition in theaters, a card game was offered with BN biscuits. During a few months, each BN biscuits package contained one collector card. The game was titled "le défi du jedi" (which means Jedi's Defi) and was composed of 30 playing cards, a blue 8-faces dice and a collecting box that could be found with Panini SW stickers collector. The rules of this game were also displayed on the package (see bottom of page).

Also notice that BN Cards are mentionned in famous StarWars collectibles Stephe

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