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Wallpapers & Diaramas

This page features StarWars High-Quality Scans (digitized by myself), taken from lobby cards displayed in theaters, other photos and Diaramas (from my collection but also from other collectors and Stephen Sansweet). Each scan comes in 800x600 pixels so that they can be used as desktop wallpapers.

Available Wallpapers Indexes & scans online

Episode I Wallpapers (55)
Phantom Menace Index

Episode IV Wallpapers (20)
A New Hope Index

Episode V Wallpapers (20)
Empire Strikes Back Index

Episode VI Wallpapers (11)
Return of the Jedi Index

Other Wallpapers

Dioramas (32 pics...)
My dioramas #12 (174 Kb)
The Endor Scout bike chase

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