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Kenner Toys in Europe in 1998 & 1999
Jouets Kenner Europe en 1998 & 1999

Exclusive ! Know about the new Kenner toys released in Europe in 1998 & 1999. This list was frequently updated during this period and is now closed, last updated on october, 21st 1998. New never-before released action figures in Europe are listed in blue, new figures released in stores are listed in red, re-issues are displayed using normal text (GC : green card, FF : FreezeFrame card).
Exclusif ! Retrouvez tous les nouveaux jouets Kenner sortis en Europe tout au long des années 1998 et 99. Cette liste a été mise à jour fréquemment durant cette période et est à présent terminée depuis le 21 octobre 1999. Les figurines anoncées en Europe sont indiquées en bleu, et les nouveautés dispo indiquées en rouge, les resorties étant en texte normal (GC : carte verte, FF : carte avec diapositive). 

description du jouet - Mois de sortie /
toy description / Month of availability

1st Semester / 1er Semestre
Re-assortments from previously released toys
- All Classic Edition action figures in their regular packaging
- The four deluxe packs
- Gunner Stations : Luke, Han and Vader
- Speeder Bikes : Luke, Leia, expanded universe

Scheduled Action Figures with Flashback photos
Episode I Figures : (US carded mail exclusive from SW Fan Club)
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Qui-Gon Jinn
Queen Amidala
Padmé Naberrie
Ric Olié
Jar Jar Binks
Battle Droid
Darth Sidious
Senator Palpatine
Deluxe Obi-Wan
Deluxe Qui-Gon Jinn
Deluxe Darth Maul
COMMTech Reader

Action Figures :
Hoth Chewbacca
Vader with double cape
Emperor Palpatine

Ben Kenobi with hood up
Yoda with boiling pot
Luke floppy hat
R2D2 with launching saber
Leia in Ceremonial dress
Muftak & Kabe exclusive - Jan (LFM)

3D Dioramas :
Cantina Diorama with stormtroopers
Jabba palace with Solo Carbonite

Cinema Scenes :
Jedi Spirits
Cantina Aliens

Vehicules :
STAP & Battle Droid
Naboo Fighter

2nd Semester / 2eme Semestre
Episode I Figures (w/ Frenh chips) coll. 1 :
Anakin #2
Darth Maul
Darth Maul #2
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi #2
Qui-Gon Jinn
Qui-Gon Jinn #2
Queen Amidala
Queen Amidala #2
Padmé Naberrie
Jar Jar Binks
Battle Droid
Deluxe Obi-Wan
Deluxe Qui-Gon Jinn
Deluxe Darth Maul
COMMTech Reader

Episode I Figures (w/ Frenh chips) coll. 2 :
Capt. Panaka
Darth Sidious
Destroyer Droid

Naboo Foot Soldier
Nute Gunray
Ric Olié
Rune Haako
Senator Palpatine

Episode I Figures (w/ Frenh chips) collectors assortment :
Adi Galia
Boss Nass
Capt. Tarpals
Chancelor Valorum
Gasgano + Pit Droid
Ki Ali Mundi
Mace Windu
Ody Mandrell + Pit Droid

Episode I Vehicules & Beasts :
Anakin's Pod Racer
Sebulba's Pod Racer
Sith Droids Fighters
Sith Speeder w/ DM
Opee & Qui-Gon Jinn
Kaadu & Jar Jar Binks

Playsets :
Theed Hangar
Royal Starship

Action Figures :
Anakin Skywalker
Aunt Beru
C3PO - Shop Worn
Jawa w/ Gonk Droid

Cinema Scenes :
Rebel Pilots
Jabba's Guards

Tatooine Duel
Mos Espa Encounter
Other Ep1 scene

1st Semester / 1er Semestre
Scheduled Action Figures (with photos only - no holograms neither FF)
Alliance Collection :
C3PO - Feb
Chewbacca - Feb
Ben Kenobi - Jun
Endor Rebel Soldier - Jun
Han Solo Bespin - Jun

Han Solo Carbonite - Feb
Han Solo Hoth outfit - Feb-Jun
Han Solo Endor gear - Feb-Jun
Hoth Rebel Soldier - Feb-Jun
Lando Skiff - Feb-Jun
Leia Boushh - Feb
Leia Slave - Feb-Jun
Luke Bespin - Jun

Luke Hoth outfit - Feb
Luke Jedi - Jun
Luke Stormtrooper - Feb-Jun
Luke X-Wing - Feb-Jun
Princess Leia (old sculpt) - Jun
Rebel Fleet Trooper - Feb-Jun

Galactic Empire Collection :
Boba Fett - Jan
Darth Vader - Jan
Emperor Palpatine - Jan
Grand Moff Tarkin - Jun
Greedo - Jan-May
Imperial Gunner - Jan-May
Ponda Baba - Jan-May
Royal Guard - Jun
Snowtrooper - Jun

Tatooine Stormtrooper - Jan
Weequay Skiff - Jun

Millenium Collection :
4-LOM - May
Admiral Ackbar - Jun
Boosk - May-Jun
Bib Fortuna - May-Jun
Ewoks 2-pack - Jun
Gammorean Guard - May-Jun
Hammerhead - May-Jun
Jawa 2-pack - May

Tusken Raider - May-Jun

Special offers :
Spirit of Obi-Wan Kenobi - Jan (Lucasfilm mag)
Han Solo Stormtrooper - Feb (Lucasfilm mag, TRU)
Darth Vader with Removable Helmet
(US card with FreezeFrame) - Apr TRU

Deluxe packs :
Boba Fett with firing pack - Mar
Hoth Rebel Soldier with Laser Cannon - Aug
Luke with desert skiff - Mar
Snowtrooper with E-Web Cannon - Aug

Gunner Stations :
Han Solo with Falcon Gunner Station - Aug
Luke Skywalker with Falcon Gunner Station - Aug

Darth Vader with TIE Fighter Gunner Station - Jun

Scheduled Vehicules
Darth Vader's TIE Fighter - Mar
Expanded Universe Speeder Bike with Pilot - Mar
Speeder bike with Leia Endor - Mar
Speeder bike with Luke Endor - Mar
(Lucasfilm mag)
Epic Force Figures
Luke Skywalker - Apr
Darth Vader - Apr
Boba Fett - Apr
2nd Semester / 2eme Semestre
Scheduled Action Figures (ALL available ONLY between Toys'R Us & Lucasfilm mag.)
ALL in U.S. Packaging.
Action Figures :
Princess Leia Organa All new Likeness! - Sep
R2-D2 with Datalink and Periscope - Sep
C-3PO with Removable Limbs and Backpack - Sep
Luke Skywalker with Blast Shield Helmet - Sep

Lobot - Sep
Chewbacca as Boushh's Bounty - Sep
Orrimaarko (Prune Face) - Sep
Mon Mothma - Sep

Pote Snitkin - Oct
Lea Hoth - Oct
AT-AT Driver - Oct
Death Star Trooper - Oct
Ree-Yees - Oct
Admiral Thrawn - Oct
Imperial Sentinel - Oct
Luke Dark Jedi - Oct
Clone Emperor
Mara Jade
Space trooper
Kyle Katarn
Jedi Leia Solo

Millenium Minted Coin (TRU) :


Special offers :
Oola & Salacious Crumb - Sep
Darth Vader with Removable Helmet

Mace Windu - Dec (LFM)

Cinema scene 3-packs :
Death Star Escape - Oct
Cantina Showdown - Oct
Final Jedi Duel U.S. box - Oct
Purchase of the Droids U.S. box - Oct
Jabba's Dancers U.S. box - Oct

Mynock Hunt - Dec

Deluxe 2-packs :
Droopy McCool and Barquin D'an - Oct
Sy Snootles and Joh Yowzah - Oct

Max Rebo and Doda Bodonawieedoh - Oct

Epic Force Figures (U.S. Packaging, TRU & LFM exclusives)
Leia Hoth  U.S. box - Oct
C3PO U.S. box - Oct
Stromtrooper U.S. box - Oct

Han Solo - Dec

Obi-Wan - Dec
Dolls (Toys'R Us only)
12" Action Man Like Dolls (New Toys much more articulated, taller ActionMan sized) :
Luke Skywalker - Oct
Darth Vader (14 inches tall) with removable helmet - Oct

Han Solo - Oct

12" Action Collection Dolls
C3PO - Jul
Admiral Ackbar - Jul
TIE Pilot - Jul
Chewbacca - Jul
Snowtrooper - Jul
AT-AT Driver - Jul
Han Hoth Gear - Jul
Luke Hoth Gear - Jul - Site Design © 1997-2000 - email contact
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