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StarWars References on TV and Movies
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Big Thanx to contributors who help me dig out the references...

T.V. Series :
  • Cameleon : In an episode, The Cameleon is going into a small boat and a woman wish him luck by saying "May the Force be with you". Surprised, the Cameleon doesn't know what she's talking about, and she says "You know, Obi-Wan Kenobi ?, Star Wars ?"
  • Capitain Herlock : Intensive use of the Starwars aliens concepts in this 80's sci-fi cartoon. In the first episode, there a tatooine-like planet, and a particular scene reminder of Luke's arrival in Mos Espa.
  • Friends : To seduce her boyfriend, Rachel (her name in the serie) disguise as Leia Slave with the 70s Leia hair-style.
  • Muppet Show : Special apperance of Luke, R2D2 and Chewbacca in a show in the early 80s, for the ESB. Miss piggy disguise herself into Leia when she sees that Mark Hamill is there.
  • Nestor Burma (France) : In an episode called "En garde Burma", the main character says that fencing makes him think to D'Artagnan and Star Wars.
  • Pepper Ann : In this Disney cartoon, Milo is looking for inspiration and goes to the Mall where Mark Hamill is signing autographs. He asks who he is and does not recognize him.
  • Sentinel : Even though I didn't noticed any explicit reference to SW, the relationship between Sandburg and Elison (the cop) is exactly a Yoda-Luke relationship.
  • Simpsons : A lot of references (see SW Insider #38). For example, Homer says to Marge "You're as cute as princess Leia and as smart as Yoda". In an other story when Homer recalls about the night they conceived Bart, Homer and Marge leaves the theater where they saw the ESB and Homer says loud "I can believe that Darth Vader is Luke's Father".
  • SouthPark : In an Episode Cartman writes on his personal book that he would like to live on Endor because "it's cool, there are trees and Ewoks". Another reference in SouthPark Movie.
  • X-Files : Some references in a few episodes. In "The Devil's tail", a woman claims to be pregnant from Luke Skywalker and speaks about his lightsaber.

Movies :

  • Abyss : Lindsey says about lieutenant Coffey that he is "some kind of Darth Vader"
  • Apocalypse Now : Harisson Ford has a very minor characters as a young soldier. His name, written on his uniform is Lucas, refering to SW creator.
  • Armageddon : When they learn that will be sent to space, Bruce Willis and his friend talks about the SW hero they would like to be.
  • Arrows of Love (TV) : Story about Cupid falling in love with a simple mortal woman. Emily help a sick child with his dinner and tells him that the spoon contains Vader, the evil lord of the galaxy.
  • Austin Powers 2 : The movie starts with the world-famous starwars-like scrolling. Dr Evil's sons calls him "Darth" and finally Dr Evil reveals to Austin that he is his father, using the same voice as Vader. The movie trailer also spoofs starwars a lot.
  • Back to Future : In the first episode, Marty disguise in a yellow nuclear suit and wake up his father at night to threat hi, so that his father would go out with his mother. He says that he's Darth Vader coming from the Vulcan planet.
  • Beverly Hills Cop 2 : When Axel and Billy are in the dump-truck, Axel says something like "Are your eyes open or are you using the force?"
  • Beverly Hills Cop 3 : When Axel has to jump on the ride, he goes in the line before a few visitors and we can see Georges Lucas himself.
  • Bill & Ted's xcellent adventure : When they're in medieval England they have a play sword fight. One says "You're not my father!".
  • Boogie Nights : When Eddie and Reed meet for the first time, Reed ask if he has seen Star Wars. Eddie says "Yes, 4 times" and Reed ask "People says I look like Han Solo".
  • Demolition man : Before entering the museum to arrest Simon, the police officer takes advice from his palmtop computer and Sly says "Hey Luke Skywalker, use the Force !"
  • Dogma : One of the two prophetes says to Linda Fiorentino's character "Ok, I am Han Solo, he's Chewie and you're Ben Kenobi".
  • En plein coeur : In that French movie, there a scene where a main girl actress in being menaced with a gun in a department store. Right behind them, there are several of Kenner's 1995 Millenium Falcons boxes.
  • E.T. : Elliott shows its new Star Wars toys to his friend. We can see some Kenner action figures ranging from SW to ESB. Elliott shows each figure and tells its name. There is  another sequence when Elliot get away with E.T. on his bike, they see a child disguised in Yoda for Halloween and E.T. point him with his finger.
  • Evil Dead 3 : The hero has to repeat the magic formula "Klaatu Verata Niktu" before taking the necromicon (refering to Klaatu, Barada et Nikto, Jabba's skiff guards, these names being inspired from the code from the old movie The Day when the earth stood still). At the end, Bruce Campbell is compared to a Jedi Knight for his courage.
  • Ferris Bueller's Day Off : The parking attendants take Cameron's dad's sports car for a joy ride. At one point, the camera is on the road and the car flies over it in slow motion (like the star destroyer opening of Star Wars).
  • Fool Rush In : When Salma Hayek presents her brother called "Chuy" to Matthew Perry, this ones says "Oh, nice to meet you, Luke Skywalker".
  • Fifth Element : There are a lot of scenes in this movie that looks exactly like StarWars scenes. For example, one of the firsts scenes when the mlitary are looking the burning planet growing. Moreover, the Priest characters seems to be Obi-Wan twin.
  • Hackers : Before leaving for a mission to hack a mainframe computer, one of the main protagonists says to his friend the famous quote : "May the Force be with you".
  • Hotshots 2 : In the final duel, the US president and Sadam Hussein uses lightsabers, in regards to the Obi-Wan - Vader duel in StarWars. Saddam takes Vader's voice and says "I was waiting for you Obi-War, The cycle is now accomplished".
  • Independence Day : Although there are no explicit links to StarWars, some scenes looks like it, for example the inner alien mothership looks exactly like the second death star's main reactor.
  • Indiana Jones : In Raiders of the Lost Ark, the plane in which Indy escapes is identified as OBI-3PO, referencing Obi-Wan and C3PO. In The Temple of Doom, the nightclub's name is Obi-Wan.
  • Indian in the cupboard : The children opens his cupboard where we can see a lof toys that take life. In these toys, there is an original Kenner Darth Vader from 1980.
  • Inspecteur la bavure : In this french comic movie from 1980, when the comic actor Coluche, begins the first pursuit with its van, we can see thru the driver's side window, a theather displaying the ESB banner.
  • Krull : This is a sci-fi fantasy set on another planet (Krull) - it has several 
    similarities to characters and various parts of the star wars movies, like the army of slayers dressed like stormtroopers, Colwyn (the hero) who uses his glaive like a lightsaber etc...
  • La Balance : (French movie with Nathalie Baye, 1982) several scenes are shot into the Homicide offices. A very first Star Wars poster is displayed on a wall and is seen several times during the movie.
  • Naked Gun : During the opening credits, we can see a police car going everywhere. It goes in the Death Star trench, following the X-Wing to the small 2 meters wide hole.
  • Nutty Professor 2 : Sherman falls asleep watching TV and dreams about Armaggedon, where he can't reach the red button. His father appears in a greenish light dressed as Obi-Wan and says to him to use his force. Then sherman fart to move.
  • Peut-être (France 99) : The main female character is disguised in Leia with classic outfits for the new year eve party, including her famous haircut.
  • Phantom Menace : Queen Amidala's ship is a model Nubian J-327, which is also the hanger number where the Falcon is located into the first Death Star in Episode 4.
  • Poltergeist : The boy's bedroom is loaded with vintage Starwars toys (Vader etc...)
  • Ransom : When Mel Gibson is on the road to deliver the ransom, his car is followed by the kidnapper, Gary Sinise, to the final meeting point, Sinise says "The Force may be with you". 
  • Right to Kill : When talking about Helen (Sandra Bullock), Harry says to Jake "Are you sure you do not want to see her resume, Han Solo ?"
  • Rust Never Sleeps : In this US documentary movie from 1979 about Neil Young's concert in San Francisco, the concert scene is prepared by small men dressed exactly like Jawas and with glowing eyes. They prepare the scene during 10 minutes and come by between each song to pick-up some props.
  • Scream 2 : Following a cinematography lesson at the University about sequels, the ESB is the only sequel that can be found by students, as a better movie than the first one.
  • Scream 3 : The Jedi is taken as example while discussing about the main rules of the Trilogies. Also, Carrie Fisher stars as an archivist for the Studios and as herself's twin, saying that she didn't get the role for Leia because she didn't slept with Lucas.
  • Serial Lover : During the credits of this French '96 movie, it is mentionned that the "Rebels take over the Death Star with Claire" scene has been removed.
  • Seven : Brad Pitt says to Morgan Freeman about the assassin "Because he has a library card, doesn't mean he has Yoda's brain"
  • Spaceballs : The whole movie is a StarWars parody, laughting about Darth Vader, the other main characters, the hyperspace...
  • Space warrior : with Hulk Hogan. Same Star Wars-like galatic atmosphere. The movie begins like Star Wars Episode IV.
  • Spawn : The Relationship between Spawn and Angel Gabriel can be compared to Luke-Yoda when Gabriel show Spawn how to use his powers. Spawn says "Who are you ? Some kind of a Yoda ?"
  • Taxi 2 : While driving the Japanese Ambasadors in the Peugeot 605, Samy Naceri makes a comparison between what's happening and each part of the Classic Trilogy.
  • The Rock : When the comandos install their comand center inside San Francisco's pier, one of them says the famous SW quote "I have a bad feeling about this".
  • Tomorrow never dies : The evil guy shows to Bond the title is has chosen for the first page of his newspaper : "The Empire will strike back".
  • Toy Story 2 : A dialogue between Vader and Luke in ESB has been reproduced with Zorg and Buzz when Zorg tells Buzz that he's his father. 
  • Transformers, the movie : A TIE Fighter sound effect is used at least once. Also, Megatron uses a light sabre when he fights Optimus Prime.
  • Wizard of speed & time : One of the actors portraying a big movie director swings a lightsaber that sometimes works around on his set.
  • Wrongfully Accused : In this comic movie with actor Leslie Nielsen, a young boy show to a woman her seat in the Opera, by pointing a lightsaber. In an other scene, a metal table falls on Leslie, putting him into carbonite.

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