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Episode IV - A New Hope

The Story

"A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..." The now famous tale takes us to a distant galaxy, where the evil Galactic Empire is attempting to dominate every planet within its reach. Fighting back is Princess Leia Organa and the Rebel Alliance. Now the Rebels face their greatest threat - the most advanced weapon the Empire has developed; the Death Star, a huge armored space station capable of annihilating entire planets.
Hope remains, but time is precious. On a backwater planet called tatooine, Luke Skywalker a young farm boy, is quickly discovering the ways of the Force with the help of his mentor, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Upon receiving a call from Princess Leia, Luke and Obi-Wan hire Han Solo, captain of the Millenium Falcon, to transport them to Alderaan, Leia's home planet. But when they reach Alderaan's location, they are quickly captured and brought aboard the Death Star.
Amidst a sea of lightsaber battles, hair-raising escapes, warriors, droids, heroes, villains and some of the most spectacular battles ever filmed, is a fantastic story of the classic struggle between good and evil that bursts onto the screen with an intensity matched only by its sequels.


About the movie...

More than a technological marvel, Star Wars brought together technical and emotional elements for an unparalleled film experience. Growing in popularity, mystique and devotion year after year, Star Wars began as a dream and ultimately went onto become the most successful science-fiction series in movie history.
Masterminding the effort was George Lucas, who recreated by-gone eras where heroes and villains battled for high stakes; science-fiction tales where the fate of the universe rested in the hands of good guys facing impossible odds; and westerns and war movies where cavalry raids or dogfights in the skies held audiences - young and old alike - entranced by the big screen magic.
No matter how many times you see Star Wars, the film's unique, incredibly realistic special effects remain as spellbinding as the day they were created. Although today, Lucas' Industrial Light & Magic routinely provides Hollywood with jaw-dropping special effects, the magic for Star Wars was light years ahead of anything seen before. The riveting space battles between the Rebels' X-wings and the Empire's TIE fighters were accomplished using models "flown" in patterns based on actual wartime dogfights and filmed with a special computer-controlled camera. Luke's landspeeder was set on a modified automobile chassis that had wheels which were later concealed via animation and matting techniques. The lightsabers wielded by Luke, Ben Kenobi and Darth Vader were created by shining bright lights onto spinning rods covered with the kind of light-reflective material used on highway traffic signs which were later enhanced with animation. But even when you know some of its secrets, Star Wars loses none of its wonder.
Nominated for a grand total of 11 Academy Awards, George Lucas' breaktrough film swept all technical categories - from sound to editing to Visual effects - on its way to becoming one of the highest-grossing film of all time, and a treasured classic. Part imaginative fantasy, part battle of good versus evil, and part space adventure... it's Star Wars. - Site Design © 1997-2001 - email contact
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