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Episode I Derived Products
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Because of the unpredicted StarWars phenomenon, virtually all kinds of derivated
products have been released since 20 years. Here is a sneak preview of kinds of products made and available from the Episode I. From the Products page, you will find more links to products pages...


Some Episode I alarm clocks (here are featured the Naboo Fighter, Qui-Gon Jinn and a Trade Federation ship, also available Darth Maul & Obi-Wan), a Jar Jar Binks organizer and some year 2000 calendars based on main Episode I characters.
Books, Novels, Comics...

The Phantom Menace novel in three volumes, annotated screenplays, Anakin's personal journal for boys and Amidala's for girls, and Everything about Episode I book detailing characters, weapons... Alsp role playing games, books about Episode I shooting, technical handbooks...
Food & cookware products

Food premium exclusives like these French metal boxes (different sizes and decorations featuring Episode I scenes and characters) in which were sold the Panettone Battistero vanilla cakes. Kellogs cereals offering games or plastic spoons based on main characters, Main characters mugs... Also PEZ dispensers or electrical rotative chupa-chups...


Or course, there are lesser games than Classic Trilogy, but there are lots of video-games for the last computers and consoles like the Episode I Making Magic, 1st person adventures games, races (Pod Racer), child games (like Gungan World). Also card extensions for Decipher card game, or this Episode I Monopoly.
Masks and Movie Props repros.

Real-size masks from all major Phantom Menace pilots, main characters and aliens. Also featured here is a plastic Darth Maul mask for children.
Clothing apparels

Lots of clothing articles decorated with main characters, movies posters or simply the Episode I logo. T-Shirts, boxer shorts, caps, socks, bags, ties...  
Model Kits

Metal model kits representing Episode I ships, Molds to make statuettes from Episode I heroes and vilains...
Ornaments & Misc items

Resin lighten dioramas in limited editions (here Jedi vs Sith - 3000 pieces), 12 inches decorative dolls from Applause with lighten sabers, Jar Jar Binks hand puppet, plushes (here Watto), or this electronic R2-D2 bubble bath.

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