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Classic Trilogy Derived Products
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Because of the unpredicted StarWars phenomenon, virtually all kinds of derivated
products have been released since 20 years. Here is a sneak preview of kinds of products made and available from the Classic Trilogy. From the Products page, you will find samples of prequels products...

Clocks, Watch and Talking Banks

Featured here are a Darth Vader alarm clock, a Darth Vader THX watch, the C3PO - R2D2 Talking Bank and the Darth Vader talking bank from ESB.
Books, Novels, Comics...

Star Wars - Magic of a Myth, Everything about the Trilogy, Novels and comic books, Collectibles chart books (here Tomart Guide to Worldwide SW collectibles), followed by the French ROTJ 1983 stickers collectors album from Panini.

And also Role playing rules and scenarios, Technical books, special effects...

Food & cookware products

Food premiums exclusives (here from KFC Europe), Limited time offers available thru mail-in
coupons included with cereals, cookies and other kind of candies, PEZ candies dispensers, Main characters Mugs. There are a lot of related food products and cookware, from chupa-chups to plates.


3D and regular Collector cards, stickers, playing cards. Also featured are two sets from Star Wars role playing card game from Decipher, and a playing-card from the game "Le Défi du Jedi", 1997 exclusive from French cookies BN.
Masks and Movie Props repros.

Real-size masks from all major Star Wars pilots, troopers and aliens. The saber featured is a movie-prop reproduction from Icon, which makes also other lightsabers, life-size replicas (Vader, Boba Fett) and small replicas (TIE Fighter over DeathStar, Latex Jabba...)
Video Games

All kinds of computer titles, from arcade and 1st person videogames to encyclopedia, for all kinds of machines (Atari 2600 in the early 80's until 3Dfx PCs nowadays).
Other Games

Tamagotchis (Yoda, Rancor and R2), Board Games (Monopoly and SW Trivial Pursuit) or the famous 3d-puzzles Star Wars fashioned. 
Misc items

Badges, key chains with and without clock, danglers from Star Wars ships, baloons, talking pens...

Collector CDs from Classic Trilogy, Special Edition Trilogy CDs, LP records, 2-titles CDs, ranging from 1977 until now. Videos are also available from VHS tapes to LaserDiscs, from original versions, to THX, until Special Edition. 
Clothing apparels

Lots of clothing articles decorated with main characters, movies posters or simply the Star Wars logo. T-Shirts, caps, bags, ties...  
Model Kits & Frames

Vynil pre-painted model kits, unpainted model kits, small and life-size Standees from SW heroes. Frames and lithographs available from Ralph McQuarrie production drawings. Some lithographs includes real frames from movies.

Limited edition statuettes, busts from Star Wars main vilains and aliens, christmas ornaments...

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