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Techmap Cover Index

This page present an index of most Kenner vintage toys technical & assembly instructions. Only the cover page of each manual is featured. You can check the Techmap Page to find six complete manuals at a time. Do not hesitate to send scans of missing manuals...
Vintage Kenner Starwars Manuals

Jawa Sandcrawler

Deathstar Station

Droid Factory

Creature Cantina

Cantina Playset (sears)

Land of Jawas Playset
Vintage Kenner Empire Manuals

Action figures Survival Kit


Star Destroyer

Twin-Pod Cloud Car

Slave I

Turret & Probot

Cloud City Playset

Dagobah Playset

Hoth Ice Planet
Vintage Kenner ROTJ Manuals

X-Wing Fighter
with battle damages

TIE Fighter
with battle damages

Millenium Falcon

Scout Walker


Imperial Shuttle

Speeder Bike

Ewok Catapult

Ewok Combat Glider

TIE Interceptor

B-Wing Fighter

Y-Wing Vehicle


Maintenance Energizer

Ewok Village





Rader Laser Cannon

Jabba Dungeon
Vintage Kenner POTF & Ewoks Manuals

Sand Skimmer Trilogo

Imperial Sniper Trilogo

Tatooine Skiff

Battle Wagon

A-Wing Fighter
Foreign non-U.S. vintage Manuals

Meccano Death Star

Chasseur TIE Meccano

Imperial Transport

Faucon Meccano

Snowspeeder Meccano

Palitoy Rebel Transport

Desert Skiff Trilogo

Endor Forest Ranger

Palitoy Tauntaun Open Belly

Jabba Playset Trilogo

Meccano Imperial Base

Tri-pod Cannon Trilogo
POTF2 and up 1995+ Manuals

Trilogo Scout Walker

Trilogo Luke Speederbike

Slave I SOTE

Trilogo Speeder bike

Trilogo A-Wing

B'omarr Monk

Trilogo Royal Starship

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