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Magazines covers & articles
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Magazines Covers Misc & Other docs
MadMovies #27 cover ROTJ (France 1983)
MadMovies #28 cover Trilogy (France 1983)
MadMovies #106 cover Trilogy (France 1997)
Tintin #36 special ESB cover (France 1979)
Marvel #78 cover (UK 1984)
Video 7 #181 cover (France Oct 97)
SW Insider #38 (simpsons) cover (1998)
French PIF Gadget ESB Special issue cover (1980)
LucasFilm French Magazine #16 to #24 covers
MAD Phantom Menace spoof (1999)
Le Nouveau Cinéma cover Obi-Wan - Joan of  Arc
French Tele 7 jours - special Episode I
MadMovies #28 part of article w/ photos
Tintin #36 Articles (2 pages with photos)
SW-Titanic Congratulations to J.Cameron (1998)
Tomart SW Collecting #1 issue cover (1992)
Tomart SW Collecting #2 issue cover (1997)
ROTJ in UK 1st day out article
Darth Vader - Anakin artwork (2000)

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