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Magazines Misc & Other docs
SW very First Poster
SW Poster - Chewie & Han Solo
SW Poster - Han Solo
ESB Poster - Drawing of Luke in Dagobah
ROTJ UK Poster
ROTJ Poster - Cast crew on Endor
ROTJ French Poster
SW Crimson Empire poster
Studmak Artworks (#4 differents)
EP1 CD soundtrack poster
EP1 poster by Michel Jouin (designer of ROTJ FR poster)
EP1 poster from French LucasFilm Mag.
Autograph from David Prowse (Paris 98)
Greetings cards #1
Greetings cards #2
Panini ROTJ 1983 Sticker collector cover
Panini ROTJ 1983 Sticker Album (6 pg - SW heroes)
LEGO small pack-in comics (#4 differents)
SW Special Edition postcards (#3)
Kellogg's Smacks EP1 - Anakin (#3)
French TeleMag games page 11/20/99

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