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BN Cookies Collector Cards 
English Translation

Card n# Character / Name
1  Death Star  "The Empire main base. It has powerful weapons"
2  Alderaan  "It is a symbol of democraty and freedom in the whole galaxy"
3  Hoth  "The Ice planet, were the Echo base was set. The Empire chased the Rebels"
4  Endor  "Home of the Ewoks. The Empire has set its DeathStar protection system"
5  Tatooine  "Luke Skywalker was raised there by his uncle and aunt.. He will come back to destroy Jabba The Hutt"
6  Snowtrooper  "Heavily trained for ground assaults in severe climatic conditions"
7  Stormtrooper  "The elite of the Empire's stromtroops"
8  Biker Scout  "Endor Recognition Troops"
9  Gamorean Guard  "These fierce warriors are keeping Jabba's palace"
10  Bib Fortuna  "Smart and discrete, he is Jabba's chief Lieutenant"
11a  Boba Fett (early)  "Hired by Darth Vader, he will find Luke Skywalker".
11b  Boba Fett  "Hired by Darth Vader, he will capture Han Solo"
12a  Jabba (early)  "This evil creature has set a prize of Solo's head".
12b  Jabba  "This evil gangster has set a prize on Solo's head"
13  Royal Guard  "These warriors are keeping safe the Emperor's throne"
14  Admiral  "He ordered the destruction of Alderaan"
15  Darth Vader  "This Jedi Knight was seduced by the Dark side of the Force"
16  Emperor  "The Emperor of the Galactic Empire"
17  Paploo  "The Ewok who stole an Imperial Scout Bike"
18  Wicket  "The very first Princess Leia's Ewok friend"
19  Chief Chirpa  "He has the ability to cross the enemy lines easily"
20  Chewbacca  "Han Solo's most loyal friend and a great co-pilot"
21  C-3PO  "This protocol droid is fluent in 6 million languages"
22  R2-D2  "He knows how to decypher Imperial codes"
23  Admiral Ackbar  "Chief of Rebel Alliance"
24  Lando Calrissian  "Han Solo's old pal"
25  Han Solo  "Galaxy's Best smuggler, and Rebel ally"
26  Princess Leia  "Respected Princess and Senator of Alderaan"
27  Obi-Wan Kenobi  "Jedi Knight, he introduced Luke to the Power of the Force"
28  Luke Skywalker  "Rebel Hero and Jedi Knight"
29  Yoda  "This little creature is a powerfull Jedi Master"
30  Lightsaber  "The weapon of the JediKnight It is a powerfull weapon" - Site Design © 1997-2000 - email contact
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