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This page is dedicated to vintage action figure cards from the Return Of The Jedi line (1983-1984). As the site is always improving, do not hesitate to send scans of missing cards to (please try using at least 120 dpi resolution).
You can click on each card to enlarge it in a new window.
At the bottom of each picture, you will find the exact name as it is spelled on the card. 

re-releases on ROTJ cards

Luke Skywalker (2nd)

Darth Vader (2nd)

Star Destroyer

Power Droid



Death Star Droid

Luke Skywalker
X-Wing Fighter Pilot

Boba Fett

Luke Skywalker
Bespin Fatigues

Han Solo
Hoth Battle Gear


Han Solo
Bespin Outfit

ROTJ Carded figures

Bib Fortuna



Emperor's Royal Guard

Princess Leia Organa
Boushh Disguise

Squid Head

Gamorrean Guard

Rebel Commando

Admiral Ackbar


Rancor Keeper

Princess Leia Organa
In Combat Poncho


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